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Why requesting your data?
> It is highly difficult to foresee what will happen with your personal data in the internet. > Even more to foresee what will happen with these within the next five years. > Luckily in Europe, we all have the right to take action on our personal data. > Will say, you can request every company for your data, to delete or correct it. > Companies have to follow your request within 30 days! > How to do that? Just write them yourself or use our service. :)
How it works
On your behalf, we send legal requests to companies.
What can happen than:
- Complete response - Questions to your identity Customer number, etc.? ID? - Insufficient response - No response
Metadata is data about data. For example, how often you call a certain contact. Or to which IP-addresses your router has connected before.
Companies won't often tell you about the amount of metadata they collect about you. Digital Reset requests on your behalf all metadata that we know about. Hence you get a complete picture of your digital trace.

Franz speaking at the
'Netzpolitischer Abend'

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The project Digital Reset is supported by the EXIST-Program, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the European Social Fund.